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Who we are

Mathachhaj is a partnership firm which produces and installs thatch roofs. The team consists of 9 women artisans who have learnt this craft and have taken the initiative to start an artisan company.Mathachhaj has installed 25,000sq ft of thatch roof in the past 4 years.This company is based in Bhuj-Kutch and is a registered company.

Hunnarshaala has been involved as the mentor for this team. Hunnarshaala is a not-for- profit organization which works with 

  1. Artisan empowerment
  2. Green technology
  3. R &D and innovation
  4. Post Disaster Rehabilitation work

Hunnarshaala supports experimentation of new technologies. Using thatch as a roofing material with the system used in Bali was one such technology which has been adopted, experimented and developed in the past 4 years of its implementation.

Thatch as a roofing material is very flexible and can be used for linear and curved sloping roofs. Mathachhaj has installed over 25,000 sq.ft of thatch roof. The number of possibilities with this system have been growing and evolving with each project. The Mathachhaj team ensures to work out a thatch roofing system solution for any design presented.

Mentor’s note:

We believe that sustainable built form solution lies in traditional wisdom. Using traditional wisdom in contemporary architecture creates possibilities for architects to come forward and explore new methods of application.And involve the traditional community and its development. Mathachhaj is a thatch company, 9 women have come forward to share their skills and knowledge with the contemporary professionals.

Partners: Mugi ben, Babi ben, Geeta B ben, Geeta ben, Neelam ben, Naina ben, Meena ben, Sumal ben and Bhavna ben.

Finance: Naina ben

Production: Geeta ben

Installation: Meena ben and Bhavna ben

Managing: Sumal ben


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Our Associations

HUNNARSHALA is engaged in developing
technical guidelines for traditional

Span is a proprietor firm which
designs and constructs space frame

Layers is a partnership firm which
initiates work related to

“Woodgrain- a hand joinery unit”
is a proprietor firm based in Bhuj-Kutch.

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