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Thatch and the environment…

The state of our environment is of a growing concern. As sustainability becomes an important principle within the architectural community, individuals have begun to take steps towards a green future for construction. The use of thatch as a roofing material is one such way forward. Obtaining the raw material requires minimal energy consumption, as thatch is a by-product of paddy farming. This makes thatch a material with a low carbon footprint. 

Thatch is a bio-degradable and recyclable material. Other components of the thatch roofing system, such as cotton threads and bamboo, are natural and reusable.

Thatch is an organic material that attracts life. It allows for architecture where the roof is a breathing element housing diverse eco-systems.

A thatch roofing system is ideal for architectural projects in which minimizing the carbon footprint is the driving focus.

Thatch Roofing system…

This method of roofing comprises of panels measuring 3m x 0.75m approximately. The panels are manufactured at the Mathachhaj Production Unit. Each panel is made using straw, split bamboo and cotton thread.

The panels are transported and installed on the site. Mathachhaj’s modular roofing system can be installed over any type of understructure Eg. wood, steel, etc.

The roof requires a minimum slope of 40 degrees. The thickness of the roof measures from 30-50cms.

This modular roofing system leads to an average lifespan of 15-20yrs. Which may require minor maintenance at 4-

5yrs interval. This is a time tested method adapted from Bali. 

The advantages of thatch roofing system are…

1. Thatch roof provides thermal comfort as straw is a good insulator and keeps spaces cool in summer and 

warm in the winters.

2. As a thatch roof is light weight it reduces the load of the structural system. This saves the structural cost.

1sq foot of thatch is 5kgs. (RCC is 25kgs)

1. The space enclosed by a thatch roof works well acoustically.

2. This is a flexible system and can be installed over various roof forms. 

3. Such a modular roof system reduces the Project time.

4. It has a low carbon footprint.

5. It is light in weight and this increases its performance at times of earthquakes.

Labour intensive

The making of the panels and their installation involves manual labour. This endeavor helps supporting many 


Maintenance of thatch roof…

Parts of the ridge and valley need maintenance every 4-5years. This may vary depending on the local climate. The drains and gutters provided also need to be checked and maintained regularly for easy water drainage.


Thatch roofs are flammable. This requires certain precautions.

Such as arrangements for firefighting.

As the roofing system is made from bio-degradable materials, it has a certain lifespan of 15- 20yrs.

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